Channels No Longer Available Roku

Why Are Some Roku Channels No Longer Available?

By using the Roku Channel Store or by entering a content provider’s access code into your online Roku account, you can add channels to your Roku streaming player device or Roku TV.

If however you find that the channel is no longer available in the Roku Store or the access code no longer works, this may be because the channel may no longer be available on Roku platforms.

What About Subscription Channels?

For content that was purchased or subscribed to that is no longer available, you can contact the content provider for further information.

Why Do Channels No Longer Work?

Roku aims to provide users with the widest range of incredible entertainment by offering thousands of streaming channels through the Roku Channel Store.

There may be times however that content providers decide to their remove channels from our platform for various reasons of their own.

In some instances, a channel might be removed by us if it violates our terms and conditions.

We take unlawful activity such as piracy very seriously and therefore, if a channel is deemed to be in breach, it will be removed from our service.

For more information, you can review Roku’s terms and conditions or contact the channel developer directly.

How to Find Similar Content

There’s thousands of channels available on the Roku Channel Store, so there’s something for everyone.

To find similar content to the channel that was removed, you can browse from a selection of featured, most watched, or top free channels.

Alternatively, you can look through your favourite categories to find a channel of your choice:

So even though you may have lost your favourite channel, there’s always another one ready to take its place!