Upgrade Firmware MAG Box

How to Upgrade Firmware on a MAG Set Top Box

In this article, we take you the step-by-step process of upgrading the firmware on a MAG set-top box.

Before proceeding, it is highly recommended that you use ethernet network cable during this process to ensure your MAG box has an active internet connection.

Connect one end of the ethernet network cable to the ethernet socket at the back of the MAG box, and the other end to a spare ethernet port on your internet router or cable modem.

This will ensure a fast and stable internet connect during this process, where your box will attempt to flash and upgrade it’s firmware via a software autoupdate.

Failure to use an ethernet cable may result in an unsuccessful factory reset.

MAG Box Firmware Reload

1. First, check the underside of your MAG box to find the model number of your set top box.

MAG Label

2. Then using a PC or Mac (desktop or laptop computer), download the latest firmware for your model of MAG box from

3. Unzip the download archive and copy the folder to a FAT32 formatted USB memory stick.

4. Then insert the USB memory stick into the rear USB port of your MAG box, whilst it is switched off and the power cord disconnected.

5. Once the USB drive is in place, insert the power cord into the rear socket at the back of the MAG box.

MAG MENU Buttons
MAG MENU Buttons

6. Immediately press and hold the MENU button on your remote, pointing at your MAG box. Do not release until you see the blue BIOS screen.

Upgrade Tools

7. Using your remote’s arrow keys, highlight “Upgrade Tools”and then press the right arrow on your remote.

USB Bootstrap

8. Next, highlight “USB Bootstrap”and then press the right arrow key using your remote.

Press OK

9. When prompted on screen, press the OK button on your remote. Your MAG box will then proceed to find the image file saved to your USB stick and initiate the firmware upgrade process.

Follow all on screen prompts to allow the upgrade to complete. Once complete, your MAG box will automatically reboot.

Inner Portal Home

10. Once rebooted, you should see the MAG box “inner portal” home screen displaying icons on a dark background.

Important: your MAG Box may run a “Software Autoupdate”at this point. If so, allow this to complete. Do not disconnect the power or interrupt this process.

Configure Time Server

Settings Screen

11. From the home screen, use your remote to highlight “Settings” and then press OK.

System Settings

12. On the next screen, highlight “System Settings” and press OK.


13. Next, go to “Servers” and then press OK.


14. Then highlight “General” and press the OK button on your remote.

NTP Server

15. On this screen, enter the following into the NTP server text field:

Press on KB (Keyboard) button on our remote to activate the on-screen keyboard and type this in.

Use the arrow keys on your remote to locate the correct keys and then press the OK button to select each letter or character one-by-one.

When completed, press the KB (Keyboard) button again to close the on-screen keyboard.

Then press the OK button on your remote to save the time server setting.

16. Finally, press the EXIT button twice on your remote to go back to the “System Settings” screen.

Configure Wi-Fi Network

17. If your MAG box is using a dongle to connect to a WiFi network, you need to set this up.


18. From the “System Settings” screen, highlight “Network” using your remote and press OK.

Wireless Wi-Fi

19. Next, highlight Wireless (Wi-Fi) and press OK using your remote.


20. Now highlight “Auto (DHCP)” and press OK on your remote.

21. On the next screen, you will see available WiFi networks. Highlight the correct network you wish to use and press OK.

Wi-Fi Password

22. Now using your remote, highlight the “Key or passphrase” text field, then press the KB (Keyboard) button to activate the on-screen keyboard. Then use your remote to enter your WiFi network password, paying close attention to correct cases and special characters.

Once entered, press the KB (Keyboard) button once again to close the on-screen keyboard. Then press OK on your remote to save your password settings.

Add Your IPTV Service


23. From the System Settings screen, highlight “Servers”and press OK using your remote.


24. Now highlight “Portals” and press OK

Portal 1 URL

25. On the next screen, highlight the “Portal 1 URL” text field and then press the KB (Keyboard) button on your remote to activate the on-screen keyboard.

Then use your remote to enter the URL supplied by your IPTV provider.

Note: The URL will be something like for example.

Once entered, press the KB (Keyboard) button once again to close the on-screen keyboard. Then press OK on your remote to save changes.

26. Now press the EXIT button on your remote, then press EXIT once again until you reach the System Settings screen.

Reboot Device

27. Finally, highlight “Restart portal” and press OK using your remote. Press OK once again to confirm. The portal will then restart.

28. If configured correctly, your MAG box should fully reboot and load your IPTV service.


In some instances, your MAG box may not display the “Portals”option under the “Servers”menu after hard resetting, thus preventing you from entering and saving your desired “Portal URL” details.

This is sometimes caused by counterfeit boxes that appear to be genuine MAG boxes, which are not “flashable” and do not accept firmware upgrades.

If this is the case, it is highly likely you will need to replace your box with a genuine OEM Infomir MAG box.

Download Helpsheet

You can also download our PDF Help Sheet for step-by-step instructions you can save and print.