How to Watch Sky TV in Canada

How to Watch Sky TV in Canada

Whether you’re a British expat or just a fan of UK television, you can watch Sky TV in Canada if you have a UK-based VPN at your fingertips and a suitable device.

Without a VPN (Virtual Private Network) utilising a United Kingdom IP (Internet Protocol) address, you’re not going to have much success.

The fact is, any attempts to watch Sky TV in Canada will fail and your access to their content will be blocked.

In this article, we’re going to explain in simple terms how you can access Sky TV content in Canada, along with lots of other terrestrial and premium UK TV channels.

Now TV

Now TV Logo

Now TV is a contract free subscription based service, owned and operated by Sky.

Instead of paying a monthly fee like you would with a satellite or cable TV subscription, Now TV is a pay-as-you-go service using passes.

This type of subscription is very flxuble and means you only pay for what you want to watch.

Just like regular Sky, you can access all of their movies, sports and entertainment channels by acquiring their monthly passes on the internet.

You simply register an account with Now TV on their website (using a UK-based credit card).

Then you can purchase as many passes as necessary when you want to watch Sky TV in Canada.

Then you use one of the many wonderful Now TV devices, apps or online services to watch the content live or on-demand. Devices include:

Now TV Streaming Stick

Now TV Streaming Stick

If you want a very small solution that is portable and takes up no room at all, the Now TV Smart Sticks (shown above) are the ideal solution.

They offer exactly the same powerful features as the set top boxes but in a compact design.

The newer models have voice controlled remotes, which are highly impressive.

The streaming stick connects straight into a spare HDMI port on your TV.

And subsequently connects to your home WiFi broadband to stream the content.

The streaming sticks are plug ‘n’ play, so are very quick and basic to set up.

Normally, content on Now TV sticks is blocked is viewed outside the UK.

However, if used in conjunction with a UK VPN, you can watch Sky TV in Canada using a Now TV stick.

Roku Devices

A great alternative to a Now TV stick is the range of Roku devices currently available on the market.

In fact, you’ll find that Roku’s are surprisingly similar to using a Now TV device, since all Now TV devices are actually powered by Roku.

So essentially, they are one and the same thing.

Roku’s are great because they effectively turn your TV into the ultimate smart television.

These superb little gadgets are crammed packed with apps including BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4, My5 ad most importantly Now TV.

They also include other apps like Prime Video, Netflix, Rakuten, YouTube and so many more.

This makes the Roku’s a very powerful choice for anyone wishing to watch UK TV in Canada, as they offer a full range of terrestrial and subscription based content, live and on-demand.

Combine one of these super little gadgets with a UK VPN and you’ll be able to unlock as much UK TV content as you like.

Sky Go

Sky Go Compatible Devices

Sky Go is Sky television’s online TV streaming service, which is bundled as part of a standard Sky satellite television subscription.

It’s available to all existing Sky TV customers as a way to watch subscription content on mobile devices such as tablets and phones, as well as desktop and laptop computers.

Sky Go contains live and on-demand content.

Depending on your subscription, you can gain access to a wide range of live TV channels using Sky Go ranging from entertainment, sports, movies, news, documentaries and more.

There’s over 30 live streaming channels on Sky Go, including:

  • Sky Atlantic
  • Sky One
  • Sky Living
  • Sky Arts
  • Fox
  • Gold
  • ITV Encore
  • Comedy Central
  • MTV
  • Discovery Channel
  • Nat Geo Wild
  • ABC
  • Sky Cinema Premiere
  • Sky Cinema Disney
  • Sky Cinema Hits
  • Sky Cinema Family
  • Sky Cinema Action & Adventure
  • Sky Cinema Comedy
  • Sky Cinema Crime & Thriller
  • Sky Cinema Drama & Romance
  • Sky Cinema Sci-Fi & Horror
  • Sky Cinema Select
  • Sky Cinema Themed Channel
  • Sky Sports Mix
  • Sky Sports Main Event
  • Sky Sports Premier League
  • Sky Sports Football
  • Sky Sports Cricket
  • Sky Sports Golf
  • Sky Sports F1
  • Sky Sports Action
  • Sky Sports Arena
  • Sky Sports News

There’s also a huge library of on-demand movies, sports, entertainment shows and more.

Sky Go is jammed packed with entertainment, so it’s no wonder Brits want to be able to watch it wherever they are.

The problem is, Sky Go is blocked if accessed anywhere outside the UK and Ireland.

So even if you are a fully paid up Sky subscriber, you still can’t watch it overseas.

But if you use a UK-based VPN, you can bypass geo-blocking restrictions and watch Sky Go in Canada or anywhere else worldwide for that matter!

So what is a VPN and where can you get one?

Read on and find out more…

What is a VPN?

VPN Diagram

The term VPN stands for Virtual Private Network.

Without getting too technical as it’s not entirely necessary here, a VPN is the single best way of unblocking Sky TV content online.

By using a UK-based VPN, any devices you use that are connected to the VPN will be assigned a UK IP address.

In doing so, your devices will appear to be using the internet from inside the United Kingdom.

As a consequence, this will allow you to access Sky Go and watch Sky TV content online as their system will see you as based in the UK.

It really is that simple.

And as a bonus, most reputable VPNs use secure encryption, meaning your internet usage is private and secured.

So as well as gaining access to UK TV content, you also have peace of mind that you are surfing anonymously and securely.

How Do I Choose a VPN Provider?

Speed Test

There’s a wide range of different service providers offering VPNs.

Some well known, whilst others less so.

It’s worth baring in mind when purchasing a VPN subscription that buying the most well known provider is not always the best decision. And here’s why.

Most broadcasters are very much aware you can access Sky TV in Canada and other overseas countries using a VPN.

In an attempt to preventing their customers from gaining overseas access to Sky TV content, their technicians identifying IP ranges of various VPN providers which they block.

So you could be in a situation where you start paying a subscription to a VPN provider, only to find you are still blocked!

In this instance, it’s quite clear that following the herd is not necessarily a good idea.

If you want to watch your Sky TV account abroad without disappointment or interruptions, then find a lesser known vendor.

By doing so, your VPN provider is far less likely to have been identified as a way to watch their content overseas, meaning you get uninterrupted access to your Sky Go account on your travels or stay overseas.

Seeing you’re paying for that subscription, it only seems fair to be able to watch it whilst overseas, right?

Who’s The Best VPN Provider?

UKTV2GO Large Logo

Like any service provider, there’s varying opinions about different VPN software providers.

The most commonly used VPN software vendors to watch Sky TV abroad is ExpressVPN, Surfshark and PureVPN.

Each of these services are priced from around £9.99 per month upwards, for a single VPN connection.

However, a large number of these well known VPN providers are blocked by UK TV sites.

So this means that you can only use one device at any given time through their VPN.

That’s not ideal if you want to access UK TV content on multiple devices around your home.

Remember, a VPN doesn’t just unlock Sky TV content.

It also enables you to access online TV content via BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All4, My5 and of course other UK-based online services.

So why would you want to be restricted to using just one device if several people in your home want to enjoy UK TV abroad?

Surely there must be a better alternative?

Thankfully there is!

Why VPN Routers Are Best!

Devices Connected to VPN Router

If like most ex-pats with large households who all want to access UK TV content abroad on multiple devices, there’s only one solution.

And that’s to use a VPN router in your home.

By doing so, you create a dedicated WiFi network in your home that passes all traffic through the VPN – not just a single device.

So all of a sudden, you could have one person watching Sky TV on their iPad, whilst your Smart TV could be connected to Now TV and your laptop is watching BBC iPlayer – all at the same time!

Now that’s what you call an incredibly flexible solution.

Practically every device in your home could behave like it is using the internet in the United Kingdom and access content via apps and websites that you could not normally use in Canada.

Just imagine…

Now you can watch content on the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Five websites.

You can once again use Now TV on your television, a Roku device or Now TV set top box or smart stick.

You could even hook up your games consoles to the VPN and use apps there as well.

Access UK-only content on services like Netflix and Disney+.

So it’s clear, that if you’re serious about watching Sky TV in Canada or any other UK-based content abroad, a VPN router is the only way to go.