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MAG 254 & Television
MAG 324 Compatible
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MAG 254 Compatible
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UK TV Freeview Service Activation for MAG Boxes (No Box)

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£25.00 £22.00 / month

• Compatible with all MAG box models
• 1080p HD quality
• Integrated 7 day EPG
• Time-shift 7 day catch up TV
• Over 80 UK Freeview & Irish TV channels
• Easy, intuitive interface
• Works in any country

Please confirm the following at purchase:

1. MAG Model No.
2. MAC ID e.g 00:1A:79:XX:XX:XX
3. MAG Box Factory Reset? Y/N

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This is our Freeview UK TV streaming service, specifically designed for owners of the MAG IPTV set top box. Set top box not included in price shown.

Watch UK TV Everywhere

Own a MAG IPTV set top box and want to get a reliable UK Freeview TV service activated? You’ve come to the right place!

Owners of Infomir’s MAG will know these little boxes pack a big punch. With over 80 UK and Irish free-to-air TV channels and 100 radio stations available to stream live, you can watch UK TV everywhere in HD from the comfort of your living room anywhere in the world. Simply sign up to our service, tell us your MAG box’s MAC address and model number, and we’ll activate you.

Compatible Devices

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7 Day Catch Up TV

Not in the right timezone? No problem! With our exclusive 7-day catch up TV feature, you can literally go back in time and select past TV shows and watch them whenever you wish. Our Freeview IPTV service for MAG boxes boasts an auto-record feature that means no setting up recordings and no hassles. Just watch what you want, whenever you want!

Every Free-to-Air UK Channel

Watch all the popular standard and HD definition channels including:

  • 5Star
  • 5USA
  • BBC Alba
  • BBC News
  • BBC News HD
  • BBC North West
  • BBC One Scotland
  • BBC World News
  • BBC1
  • BBC1 HD
  • BBC1 London
  • BBC1 NI
  • BBC1 Wales
  • BBC1 West
  • BBC1 Yorkshire
  • BBC2
  • BBC2 HD
  • BBC2 NI
  • BBC2 Scotland
  • BBC2 Wales
  • BBC4
  • Blaze
  • Bloomberg
  • CBBC
  • CBeebies
  • CBeebies HD
  • CBS Drama
  • CBS Justice
  • CBS Reality
  • Channel 4
  • Channel 4 HD
  • Channel 5
  • Channel 5 HD
  • Chart Show
  • CITV
  • CNBC
  • CNN
  • Dave
  • Drama
  • E4
  • Film 4
  • Food Network
  • Forces TV
  • France 24
  • Horror
  • ITV1
  • ITV1 HD
  • ITV2
  • ITV3
  • ITV4
  • ITVBe
  • Kix
  • Magic
  • More4
  • Movies4Men
  • Paramount
  • PBS America
  • Pop
  • Quest
  • Quest Red
  • Really
  • RT
  • RTE1
  • RTE1 HD
  • RTE2
  • RTE2 HD
  • Russia 24
  • S4C
  • Sky News
  • Sony Channel
  • Sony Classic Movies
  • Sony Crime
  • Sony Movies Classic
  • Spike
  • TBN UK
  • TG4
  • TG4 HD
  • The Vault
  • Travel
  • TV3
  • TV3 HD
  • Yesterday

Works Anywhere

Our MAG Freeview HD IPTV Service Activation works in any country worldwide. We currently have customers enjoying using our service in the following countries: Angola, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Cape Verde, China, Dominican Republic, Finland, France, Greece, Hong Kong, Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Japan, Kenya, Malaysia, Mauritius, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, South Korea, Spain, Sudan, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, UAE, USA.

This service requires a monthly subscription. No minimum term. Cancel anytime.

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1 review for UK TV Freeview Service Activation for MAG Boxes (No Box)

  1. Gareth Evans (verified owner)

    I had both a UKTV Everywhere MAG254 box and a MAG256 box. The 254 box upgraded nicely as per their instructions, the 256 box did not, but the good news is that the 256 can be done and when it is you end up with a better service than UKTVE. The picture is definitely better, the box is faster changing channels and the interface is nicely familiar.
    Support staff were great, very responsive so all in all a nice improvement and I’m very pleased to be able to reuse the ‘old’ box.
    In case anyone is having trouble getting to the first boot menu (where you are supposed to power on whilst holding down menu) and its just not working then prepare yourself for some messing about, but here’s the start.

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