Watch Sky TV in Greece

In this blog post, we’re going to understand exactly how you can watch Sky TV in Greece and the best ways to do it.

So read on and by the time you complete this article, you’ll know exactly which package is suitable for you and how to buy one.

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Since its emergence in 1994, Sky TV has developed into an entertainment colossus in the UK and all across Europe and other parts of the world.

Offering premium and pay-per-view content ranging from entertainment, movies, sports and more, the broadcaster has enjoyed a meteoric rise over the course of the past few years.

What emerged as a gutsy journey into the world of satellite television broadcasting, has now developed into one of the biggest worldwide media enterprises. Sky supplies satellite television, video on demand and live streaming services as well as mobile phones and broadband internet.

Now wholly owned by US media monsters Comcast, there’s no sign of Sky UK going anywhere but bigger!

The competition may be tougher with the likes of BT Sport, Netflix, Amazon Prime and other online entertainment companies coming into the market. But without doubt Sky still holds the largest share in the UK… for now.

What Can I Watch on Sky TV?

No matter what form of entertainment you watch, Sky has pretty much everything covered.

For the majority of buyers, Sky offers the best sports packages around. They have a huge variety of different sporting events to enjoy across their numerous channels.

Premier League Football, F1, Cricket, Golf, Rugby Union and Rugby league, Horse Racing, Tennis, Boxing, NFL, Darts, Basketball, Netball, WWE Wrestling and so much more. The choice is boundless.

It’s no wonder Sky Sports is the number one choice for UK sports fanatics.

But that’s not all they offer. With a large number of movies and entertainment channels, you’re never struggling for something to watch.

Nowadays, they even provide their own award winning TV series and movies. There’s literally no limit to Sky’s ambitions.

And don’t disregard the multi-award winning Sky News channel. Plus there’s music channels, kids and shopping channels, plus adult channels, international and specialist channels plus religious channels.

There’s also free-to-air terrestrial channels such as favourites like BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Five available on Sky TV.

So it’s fair to say that if you have Sky, you’ve got everything taken care of.

Sky Go Unavailable Message

Can I Watch Sky TV Channels in Greece?

Yes, you can watch Sky television overseas in a number of countries, including Greece.

However, if you’ve tried to access Sky online, you’ll probably have seen the above message, saying you’ve been blocked or banned.

So how you get access greatly depends on where you are located. And this is where UKTV2GO can open the door!

Depending on your desires and how you prefer to watch your Sky television entertainment, there’s a choice of ways to access Sky TV content in Greece.

A few decades ago, the television was the only way to watch Sky and that meant attaching a satellite dish onto your home in Greece.

If you were overseas, the dish size could potentially be massive. Sometimes over 1.5 metres wide the further south you are, so it was never going to be a subtle installation.

Nowadays, there’s far more options to choose from. From apps on mobile devices like tablets and phones, to web services on laptops and desktops. Plus of course devices that hook up to your TV set and use broadband internet instead of old fashioned satellite dishes, receivers and cables.

Let’s take a look at the various ways you can watch Sky TV abroad in Greece. Then you can decide which is best suited to your needs.

Now TV Logo

Now TV

Now TV is a contract free subscription based service, owned and operated by Sky.

Instead of paying a monthly fee like you would with a satellite or cable TV subscription, Now TV is a pay-as-you-go service using passes. These are more flexible and means you only pay for what you want to watch.

Just like conventional Sky, you can access all of their movies, sports and entertainment channels by acquiring their monthly passes on the internet.

You simply register an account with Now TV on their website (using a UK-based credit card). Then you can purchase as many passes as and when you need.

Then you use one of the many amazing Now TV devices, apps or online services to watch the content live or on-demand. Devices include:

Now TV Set Top Boxes

Now TV Boxes

There’s a range of Now TV set-top boxes that plug straight into your current TV set (as shown above). These boxes use your broadband connection to stream live and on-demand content from Now TV. No satellite dishes or cables necessary!

These boxes are very small and compact so take up very little room on your media centre.

All Now TV boxes come included with a remote control, and are HD ready. Some even 4K HD ready, meaning the picture and sound quality is stunning.

The set top boxes are powered by Roku, so are slick, easy to use and very dependable.

Now TV Streaming Stick

Now TV Streaming Sticks

If you want a very micro solution that is portable and takes up little room, the Now TV Smart Sticks (shown above) are a great alternative to set top boxes.

They offer exactly the same powerful features as the set top boxes. The newer models now have voice controlled remotes, which are highly impressive.

The streaming stick inserts straight into a spare HDMI port on your TV. And connects to your home WiFi broadband to stream the content.

The streaming sticks are plug ‘n’ play, so are very quick and basic to set up.

Now TV App Logo

Now TV app

Prefer to see your Sky TV content on your phone or tablet? No hassle.

Just install the app and away you go. Log into your Now TV account, and watch all of the content that your bought monthly passes allow.

This mobile friendly service means that you are not bound to your TV set. You can take your Sky TV content on the go. Perfect for viewers who travel a lot and want to take their entertainment with them.

This app is available on more than 60 devices including:

  • Chromecast
  • Roku
  • LG Smart TVs
  • Samsung Smart TVs
  • Youview
  • EETV
  • Apple TV
  • PS3
  • PS4
  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox One

Can I Watch Now TV in Greece?

Yes you can but remember however, if you are based outside the UK there’s one catch…

All content on Now TV is geo-locked to the UK. So if you attempt to access their content from an IP address that is located outside the UK, your access will be blocked. You’ll most likely see a message like that shown below.

However, don’t be alarmed! There’s a quick and easy solution to this common problem.

Many service providers like ourselves offer ways to unlock Sky content overseas.

By using a VPN (Virtual Private Network), our systems assign your device a UK-based IP and grant access to all that great content.

To find out more how VPNs work, review the chapter further down.

Now TV Unavailable

Sky Go Logo

Sky Go

Another massively popular service from Sky TV is Sky Go.

Much like Now TV, this service also allows access to all available Sky entertainment, sports and movie content as a mobile streaming option.

However, unlike Now TV, Sky Go is part of an ongoing monthly subscription service.

Sky Go is usually added onto existing satellite subscriptions as a bolt-on. This is so customers can watch the exact same channels that are a part of their subscription whilst on the move.

However, some service providers like us can offer customers access to an exclusive Sky Go account without actually having to buy a full Sky TV subscription.

So instead of paying for monthly passes which can become expensive and inconvenient, a Sky Go subscription means you pay one fee and access the lot!

There’s a couple of ways to access Sky Go content. You can either use:

Sky Go App Logo

Sky Go app

The Sky Go app is simply installed on your mobile phone or tablet.

Whether you use an Apple iOS device or Android device, the Sky Go app works just great.

Once the app is loaded, you simply log in with your Sky Go details, choose the channel you want to watch and it streams live on your device.

Sky Go for Desktop Devices

Sky Go online

If you prefer not to use an app or want to watch Sky Go on a desktop PC or Mac or even a laptop, Sky Go can also be watched via their website.

Just go online to their site, log into your account and then you can use the interface to pick the channel you wish to stream live.

Can I Watch Sky Go in Greece?

Man Watching Television

Just like other Sky TV services such as Now TV, Sky Go is geo-locked to customers who are based in the UK only.

But just like Now TV, Sky Go can be unlocked in Greece with some ingenious trickery using a VPN.

As long as you are viewing Sky Go content whilst logged onto a secure VPN that assigns your devices a UK IP address, there’s no reason why you cannot access Sky Go in Greece.

So like Now TV, if you have a VPN you can view Sky Go abroad.

Read the chapter further down this article to discover more about VPNs.

IPTV Boxes

MAG 250 IPTV Set Top Box

In recent years, the market has become overwhelmed with IPTV set top boxes that offer channels from numerous countries around the globe.

In most cases, these boxes are the MAG 250, 255 and 322 boxes created by Infomir.

About the same size as an external USB drive, these boxes plug straight into your TV’s HDMI port. You then have to subscribe to a service provider who can send your box a signal to unlock various TV content.

There are many providers from numerous countries who offer these services however, at UKTV2Go we only offer MAG boxes with Freeview channels and there’s a very good reason why.

Many of the suppliers who offer Sky TV streaming services for boxes such as the MAG 250/255 are very unreputable and offer less flexibility and choice.

The service is not adaptable so does not work on a tablet, phone or even a laptop computer. So your only option is to watch on a TV set.

Nowadays, people like to be mobile so this device is seen to be very inflexible and rigid.

There is a wide variety of channels available on these boxes but they do come with a higher price tag, and many service providers tend to disappear without notice at regular intervals.

So do not expect great customer service using these suppliers. You have been warned.

Ilegal Streaming Sites

Website Malware Alert Message

A quick internet search on Google will easily help you find one of a number of illegal streaming sites, offering live Sky TV.

However, if you visit any of these sites, you soon discover the many hazards they present.

For starters, they are rammed with pop up banners, adverts and other irritants all designed to be clicked to fill the pockets of the site owners.

These adverts are designed to monetise these illegal streaming sites, but the legitimacy of the adverts are rarely ever bona fide.

Many clicks will lead your browser window to open up several new windows that load sites full of phishing and security threats.

Using these types of streaming sites is highly dangerous and your device could end up with a virus, malware or spyware installed without your knowing.

Is it really worth the risk using these unregulated sites to watch a live football stream if it means your computer is compromised?

We say to stay well away from unregulated streaming sites.

Satellite Dish

Satellite Dish

You can still access Sky satellite television by installing a satellite dish and receiver on your home in Greece, but it’s well worth understanding a few important points.

Sky has recently announced that they fully intend to move away from satellite broadcasting technology in the coming years, and will move towards streaming media via the internet.

In short, they see satellite technology as obsolete and its shelf life is limited.

So before you head off to speak to a satellite installation company to erect a large dish on your home in Greece, just consider that the investment could be very short lived!

You may be able to access Sky television pictures for the next few years, but long term it’s not a wise decision.

You’ll be better off buying a fast broadband internet connection and a Now TV or Sky Go package, bundled with a VPN to be fully future proof.


Internet Security

VPNs, also known as Virtual Private Networks, have been detailed many times in this article so let’s explain what they are and their advantages.

A VPN is a way of connecting to a secure network online with the added attraction of privacy and anonymous web browsing.

What you transmit or receive via your internet connection is encrypted, thus meaning you are surfing with total privacy.

When your devices connect to a VPN, they are assigned an IP address on the network. So rather than using the IP that your ISP (Internet Service Provider) assigns to your devices, the VPN network assigns an IP instead.

This mean the VPN supplier can control the IP range assigned to the network. So those IP’s can be from any country, whether the UK, USA or any other nation.

The advantage here is that your VPN provider can make your devices appear to be using the internet from any location globally, no matter where you’re located.

So in the case of accessing UK TV in Greece, all you need is a VPN that creates a UK-based IP and you can unlock all UK TV based content.

That includes Now TV, Sky Go and even includes the likes of Netflix, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4, Demand 5 and so many UK based services.

At UKTV2GO, we have our very own exclusive VPN servers offering secure, anonymous browsing from a variety of locations including the UK.

So you can access UK and Sky TV abroad in Greece by using our service. It really is that simple!

Areas Covered in Greece

Our service is available all over Greece.

We have scores of happy customers located in various towns and cities across Greece, all enjoying unlimited and unrestricted access to Sky television.

Here’s a selection of the places you can watch Sky TV in Greece with UKTV2GO:

  • Acharnés
  • Agía Paraskeví
  • Agía Varvára
  • Ágioi Anárgyroi
  • Agios Dimitrios
  • Agios Ioannis Rentis
  • Agrínio
  • Aigáleo
  • Aígio
  • Alexandroúpoli
  • Álimos
  • Amaliáda
  • Áno Liósia
  • Árgos
  • Argyroúpoli
  • Árta
  • Artémida
  • Asprópyrgos
  • Athens
  • Chaïdári
  • Chalkída
  • Chaniá
  • Chios
  • Cholargós
  • Corfu
  • Dhafní
  • Dráma
  • Édessa
  • Elefsína
  • Ellinikó
  • Flórina
  • Galátsi
  • Gérakas
  • Giannitsá
  • Glyfáda
  • Ílion
  • Ilioúpoli
  • Ioánnina
  • Irákleio
  • Irákleion
  • Kaisarianí
  • Kalamariá
  • Kalamáta
  • Kallithéa
  • Kamaterón
  • Kardítsa
  • Kateríni
  • Kavála
  • Keratsíni
  • Khalándrion
  • Kifisiá
  • Kilkís
  • Komotiní
  • Kórinthos
  • Koropí
  • Korydallós
  • Kos
  • Kozáni
  • Lamía
  • Lárisa
  • Livadeiá
  • Maroúsi
  • Mégara
  • Melíssia
  • Meneméni
  • Metamórfosi
  • Moskháton
  • Mytilíni
  • Náousa
  • Néa Erythraía
  • Néa Filadélfeia
  • Néa Ionía
  • Néa Ionía
  • Néa Mákri
  • Néa Smýrni
  • Níkaia
  • Oraiókastro
  • Orestiáda
  • Palaió Fáliro
  • Panórama
  • Pátra
  • Péfki
  • Peraía
  • Pérama
  • Peristéri
  • Petroúpolis
  • Piraeus
  • Políchni
  • Préveza
  • Ptolemaḯda
  • Pylaía
  • Pýrgos
  • Rethymno
  • Ródos
  • Salamína
  • Sérres
  • Spárti
  • Sykiés
  • Thessaloníki
  • Thívai
  • Tríkala
  • Trípoli
  • Vári
  • Véroia
  • Vólos
  • Voúla
  • Vrilissia
  • Výronas
  • Xánthi
  • Zográfos

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