How to Fix Now TV Max Simultaneous Streams

How to Fix Now TV “Maximum Number of Simultaneous Streams”

Now TV is a great option when it comes to being able to watch TV shows, movies and sports on various devices, just as long as you have a broadband internet connection.

However, while it is a very convenient method of watching TV, at times you end up with error messages which may confuse you.

For instance, every now and then it is common to get the following message on the screen:

“You’ve reached the maximum number of simultaneous streams on your account. To watch Now TV on this device, please stop watching on one of the other devices.”

In order to understand why this message comes up, and how to fix it, it is important to be aware of certain things.

There are some key restrictions which you might not be aware of:

Now TV Error Messages

1. Maximum Number of Simultaneous Streams

Now TV can only stream simultaneously on a maximum of two separate devices.

So at any given time you can watch a show on your TV, and someone else in your household can also watch a show on a tablet, for instance.

2. Maximum Number of Registered Devices

There is also a limit to the number of devices that you can add to a single Now TV account.

You should note that the limit is a total of four different devices.

Understandably, you might wish to change one or more of these devices, such as when a new device is bought to replace an old one, such as a laptop or tablet.

3. Maximum Number of Device Changes

It’s also important to note that once you’ve added four devices to a NOW TV account, it is only possible to make one device change per month.

So make sure to choose your devices wisely as it is not possible to chop and change as you like.

Now TV Manage Devices Screen

What Does This Message Mean?

When you see the above message, it basically means that you are trying to watch the same stream on more than one device.

As a result, you are exceeding what the permitted limits as highlighted above.

It could also be that since you recently added a new device to your Now TV account, this has taken you above the permissible amount, and so the above message will display on screen.

How Can I Fix This?

In order to resolve the problem and be able to watch the desired show or movie, you will need to stop watching on one of the other devices first.

Generally, apart from that, users who experienced this problem said that they had to wait around 10 minutes before they could continue watching on the other devices.

During that time the message could refresh.

Manage Your Now TV Devices

In order to solve this problem, it is good to know how to manage devices on your NOW TV account.

In order to either add or remove a device from your Now TV account, you will need to log into your account online and go to “My Account”.

Once there, you will then have to select “Manage Devices.

Here, you will then see the list of the devices that you have, and which you may wish to remove any one or more from.

Simply choose the device you wish to add or remove and then save.

You should then be ready to watch Now TV on your desired devices once again.