Our Mission

Us Brits love our UK TV and at UKTV2GO, we’re passionate about being able to enjoy it wherever we are – travelling abroad, holidaying overseas or on an extended stay on foreign soil.

Our mission is simple. To provide our British TV licence paying customers with the widest selection of packages to access the content they want, whenever they want… and take it to go, all backed up by amazing customer service.

There’s never been a bigger choice of devices to watch online content. Whether you like to kick back in your armchair and watch entertainment on television or enjoy movies and sports on a tablet, phone or laptop, it’s our sole mission to ensure you can enjoy it the way you want, anywhere in the world.

With our wide choice of products in our online store, we truly believe we have the very best to offer our customers at affordable prices.

How We Can Help You

Our friendly UK-based team of passionate professionals are highly experienced at setting up and accessing television content using a variety of devices from various locations. In short, we know our stuff.

Not only do we want your purchase to be quick and easy, we also want to ensure your experience with us is a positive one. So whenever you need help, we’re here to assist you whenever we can to ensure you enjoy your viewing equipment as best as possible.

Our team are all fluent English speaking natives, working from a dedicated support centre based in the north of England. So no calls to far flung data centres, speaking to support staff reading from a script – when we say real support, we mean it!

So in the unlikely even that our equipment does not work or you need help setting it up, we’re right here to assist you.

Best of all, our packages work worldwide, so if you’re a far flung Brit living overseas, a high flying business person who travels frequently or someone who simply loves everything about British TV, sports and entertainment, we have a package to suit you.

A Truly Worldwide Service

When we say take your TV to go, we truly mean it.

Our packages are enjoyed by thousands of customers all over the world, across all seven continents. So if you’re about to head overseas and are concerned you’ll miss accessing your favourite television, sports and movie content, think again. We have the means to help you.

We currently have customers in cities all across Europe, Africa, Asia, The Middle East, Australia, South America, Canada the United States all enjoying content directly supplied by UKTV2GO.

So wherever you may be, your entertainment will always go with you.

Great Technical Support

We appreciate that not everyone is tech savvy and does not fully understand how to set up set top boxes, apps and additional software. But don’t worry!

That’s why we have a dedicated technical support team who are ready and able to help you get your equipment set up, configured and workign using plain no-nonsense English that is easy to understand.

So whether you are having issues with pictures, sound or no connection at all, don’t be afraid to ask us for help. We’ll always step in, diagnose the problem and get you back on track.